Tights Are Not Pants

Gotye - September 20th, 2012 - Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto ON

My second Gotye show was very different from my first! In March, we were in a standing room venue and ended up in the second row, whereas Thursday’s show was assigned seating. My seat was actually a folding chair in the mosh pit area. Although I sincerely wish there was a general admission option, I’m still pretty happy with the amazing view I ended up with! I was in the middle of the row, and somehow NO ONE sat in the four seats in front of me. Because of this, I am 100% convinced that Wally saw my homemade Sloths t-shirt :D. 

The set was absolutely incredible. Wally added songs that he didn’t play last time, and in the months since I saw him last certain songs have come to mean a lot to me. Seeing him sing “Night Drive”, “Dig Your Own Hole”, “The Only Thing I Know”, and “Giving Me A Chance” was fucking magical. I took videos of my favourite bits of songs, so I’ll post some later!

We had a rude moment which unfortunately seems to be the norm - Wally asked us all to kindly STFU for “Giving Me A Chance” and “Bronte”, and of course the crowd decided that those quiet moments were the perfect openings to yell dumb shit. I genuinely feel awful for him. He’s trying to put on a show FOR US, asking us to shut up so WE can enjoy the songs he’s about to play, and they can’t even respect that? Ugh. And to make it worse, my bud who was sitting a bit further back said that people left after he played “Somebody”. What the actual fuck? My brain can’t even handle that fact, and I hope to God Wally didn’t notice. 

Despite the rude fans, Wally really seemed to be into it. He was so happy and enthusiastic! Watching him jump from one instrument to another was impressive as always, and seemed to be eye-opening (and badass) to the people sitting around me! Ultimately, this show felt much less intimate than the last, which is of course understandable given the seating arrangements. That being said, I still had an amazing, uplifting experience that seriously didn’t last long enough.

Until next time, Wally 

Setlist: Making Mirrors - The Only Way - What Do You Want - Easy Way Out - Eyes Wide Open - Smoke And Mirrors - State Of The Art - Thanks For Your Time - Dig Your Own Hole - The Only Thing I Know - Night Drive - Save Me - Giving Me A Chance - Bronte - Somebody That I Used To Know - Hearts A Mess - Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver - I Feel Better - Learnalilgivinanlovin

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